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Is there a "plan" or "desire" to make EpicGames work with exophase when they add Achievements ?


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I love PS community just because I can go for trophies and not worry about anything, everything in one place. Now after returning to PC and seeing so many different platforms I was lucky to find exophase where you get all in one. But now EpicGames stepping out and getting Division 2 and Metro Exodus among other big titles, I'm wondering will there be a place for that platform aswel ? :)


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Enforcer Team
We will definitely look at adding support when they go live with their achievements / profile system. I don't know for sure whether it will be possible to add until then. Presumably, since they are trying to compete with Steam, the service will be friendly to third party sites.

They mentioned that a cross-platform API will be available later this year, that developers can utilize outside of the Epic Store. So that sounds promising, I just don't have any details on it yet.