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Is there a way to track missing achievements?


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I've played more than 1.6k steam games since Dec 2018, but exophase only tracks about 1200 games because I'm using Steam family share to play the games.
I joined exophase on late April, so games I had played until late April haven't been tracked.
Another achievement tracker sites such as Steamhunter and Completionist.me have missing achievement tracking feature, so I was able to recover most of the games I've played.
Is there any feature that tracks missing achievements?


I don't think so, but i think they can forge a full scan on your profile and add the games that way.


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Enforcer Team
If you go to Edit Account -> Tools, there's an option to specify which App IDs to scan.

You can use the script from SH to get the App IDs and then input them there: https://steamhunters.com/tools#steam-games-analyzer

Instead of using the Submit to SteamHunters option, click Copy to clipboard after it scans the games then paste the list there. That should work - let me know if there's any issues.