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Issue in Killzone 3 trophy page

Hey there,

I just noticed that in the Killzone 3 game page there is a slight problem: a DLC name is missing.

It should be between the trophies
- Turf War - Capture a Tactical Spawn Area
- Demolitionist – Destroy objectives

There should be a DLC pack name, but it's weirdly missing... I was scrolling the page, and I noticed that there was a weird spacing between those two trophies (I'm a web developer, so these things usually pop for me), so I checked the list on PSNProfiles and there's actually the DLC "Reclaimed Territory DLC" that should be in there.

I thought I should post this and let you know, keep up with the good work!


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Fixed now - thanks for letting me know :)