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Kerala - The Land of Festivals


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:p During the non-monsoon months from December to May, Kerala is vibrant with many colourful festivals, both religious as well as cultural. The festivals of Kerala attract a lot of Tourists from all corners of the globe. They are so spectacular in their display, that they leave unfading impression, in the minds of the visitors. A Kerala Travel, during these months will provide one with lot of entertaining and refreshing occasions. From ancient times onwards, Kerala is well known for the religious harmony and co existence, prevailing among the various sects of People of Kerala. Festivals, of any kind or of any religion, are celebrated by the people as a whole, irrespective of cast, creed or colour. It is a pleasant sight to see Onam Pookalam, drawn in the front yard of a non Hindu family during Onam festival; a Star, twinkling in front of a non Christian family on Christmas day or a gift of Bakrid being given by a non Muslim family. These are common sights, in the culture rich society of Kerala emphasising the very fact that the common man, of Kerala, is not at all bothered of any kind of division among the Social setup of Kerala. The most popular Festival of Kerala is Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, celebrated in the month of August or September. The festival is a blend of myth and reality, anchored in the cultural realm of Kerala. Memories of the festival, in childhood days, are never fading for every Keralite, which make him so nostalgic, that he would never fail to revisit the places he played around in his childhood. During the ten days Onam festival, the entire Kerala Society is in a true festive mood, commemorating the bygone days of prosperity, equality and righteousness under the golden reign of Mahabali. The famous Boat race at the Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha, involving many Snake boats, is celebrated along with Onam festival. Thrissur Pooram is one of the most popular Temple festivals of Kerala, celebrated every year at Vadakkunathan Temple at Thrissur. The firework, connected with the Pooram is colourful and fascinating and attracts many foreign tourists to the location. The temple Festival of Sabarimala, in honour of Lord Ayyappa, is organized at the Ayyappa Temple of Sabarimala, located in the Western Ghat of Kerala. Pilgrimage to the festival is undertaken during the months from November to January undergoing great penance. Two main rituals, involved in the festivals are Mandal Pooja and Makara Sankranthi Pooja. The vital day of the festival is the Makara vilakku, when the deity is believed to appear in the nearby hill in the form of light. The Cochin carnival is a blissful feast, held in Fort Kochi, during the last week of every year. The Carnival is conducted in a festive mood, involving various games and competitions. Edathua Perunal is a Church Festival, marked by annual feast starting on 27th of April every year, with the hoisting of the flag and concludes on 7th of May. The Statue of St.George at the Shrine of Edathua, situated 23 km from Alappuzha and resembling the Churches of medieval Europe is decorated in gold regalia, carried out and placed on the dais in the centre of the Basilica. The eight day festival, held at the Jagannatha Temple at Thalassery in Kannur, is a colourful festival celebrated in the months February- March. The Festival is marked by religious conferences, participated by distinguished scholars and social reformers, elephant processions, fireworks display and cultural programmes. The seventh day is the most auspicious day of the festival. The most important cultural festival of Kerala is the Nehru trophy Boat race, conducted annually at Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha, attracting a lot of Spectators including foreign tourists. It is the biggest Snake boat race in the world, preceded by a colourful procession of Snake boats and other small boats along the competition venue, which is a colourful extravaganza to the spectators. The rhythmic rowing of 100 to 120 oarsmen, all seated in the 80 metre long Snake boat, singing legendary songs, is a spectacular sight. Almost all the Temples and Churches in Kerala celebrate annual Festivals which fall during these months. All such festivals include many cultural programmes like Drama, Musical events and Games, vitalizing every nook and corner of Kerala. Indeed, these festivals make the half year, the best Tourist season of Kerala. :D


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Kerala sounds nice, buy me a plane ticket there? :D