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KOF'97 and KOF'98 [Google Play] help!

Arcade Gear

New Member
Hi everyone!

Need help with the Android / Google Play versions of KOF'97 and KOF'98!

Both games have 'EASY', 'NORMAL' and 'HARD' leaderboards.
Yet, regardless of LEVEL set (1~8), the end score always registers in 'EASY' leaderboard.
How do you play (and register a score) in 'MEDIUM' or 'HARD'?

How to unlock the KOF'97 achievement "Let's settle this, Yagami"?
The requirement says "Play Kyo and beat Iori"
I have tried (many times):
- Get to the end of the game with Japan Team
- Defeat Orochi with Kyo
- Get special 'Kyo vs Iori' fight, beat Iori
...no achievement :(
Perhaps it must be a Multiplayer / Versus fight?


Arcade Gear

New Member

I have figured out the Leaderboard glitch:
After a game, if the "ACHIEVEMENTS" and "NEW HIGH SCORE" pages stop appearing, uninstall and re-install the game.
They will re-appear - but then usually stop working again after 1 or 2 games.
The difficulty registers as follows:
Easy = LEVEL 1-2-3
Medium = LEVEL 4-5-6
Hard = LEVEL 7-8

Still no luck with the "Let's settle this, Yagami" achievement.
I have beaten both Wild Iori + Iori bonus fight:
- In every difficulty (1~8)
- With both versions of Kyo (Normal and '94 Kyo)
- In Multiplayer / Bluetooth mode.

It must be bugged / glitched...
I've bought the game 3 times now trying to figure this out :rolleyes:
Last ditch plan is to send a mail to DotEmu (the developer). Hope they can shed some light on this!

Will update if I get anything. Take care everyone!