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PC Limbo: Special Edition Includes Soundtrack, 3D Glasses, and More

David Sanchez

New Member

Developer Playdead continues to make Limbo a game worth giving a legitimate damn about. After successfully launching on Xbox Live Arcade back in summer 2010, the game finally made its way to the PlayStation Network last summer. Now, it looks like Limbo is once again making a an appearance during the pleasantly hot season to appeal to a new crowd: gamers who like special editions.

Limbo: Special Edition features a physical copy of the game on disc (PC and Mac versions included), Steam download code, soundtrack CD, seven art cards, and a sticker of Limbo boy.

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Limbo... last I checked is a quite a 2D game is it not? I suppose seeing some depth in the background is cool, but it still seems odd to me for a 2D side scrolling game.