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List of game played


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Over the years, I have removed games from my steam library to keep it clean, but I've discovered that those games still count towards achievements completion, So I'm planning to add them back to my account, but there is one game that I have completely forgotten.

When I mark every game in my library private, my profile looks like the attached picture 1.

0 achievements in 1 different games.png

You can see that "0 achievement in 1 different game" is written. I would like to know which game this is.

I cannot see it on steam, if I click on my list of games from another account while all my games are in private, it looks like attachment 2

0 games owned.png

I think the game has been scanned by exophase, because my average game completion is lower on exophase than on steam, so exophase has detected more games.

How can I see the list of games taken into account in the achievement completion rate by exophase?
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Games you haven't yet earned achievements in are not counted, however the site uses a different method of calculating progress. By default for Steam (other platforms use points if available) it uses a absolute calculation, which is total earned divided by total achievements possible.

Steam for its profile pages takes an average of your progress across all games instead, hence the "Avg Game Completion Rate".

If you want the same calculation as Steam, maybe we can add it as an option. I don't think we should change the default though as the way Steam does it is not how other platforms do it either. PSN, for example, also uses the same absolution calculation - just with points instead of the actual trophy count.


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I think you misunderstood my question.
My problem is not the method of calculation, but the list of games taken into account in this calculation.
Someday, I must have played a game and unlocked an achievement for it. Then I must have deleted that game from my steam library, but I don't remember which game it is. A game exists somewhere on steam, which is taken into account to lower my average completion percentage. I want to find that game.
I've already checked my entire purchase history ( I've added back every games from that list). However, games that you redeem for free and then delete from your account appear nowhere in your profile.

When all my games are unprivate, steam says I have played 83 games with achievements.
When all my games are private, steam says I have played 1 game with achievement.

When I count the games myself in my steam library, I count 82 games, not 83. One game which is not in my steam Library is counted.

But maybe you dont see that info
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