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Manually adding achievements


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So, this is a probably a controversial idea and it's not really a suggestion - at least yet. I just want to hear everyone's thoughts about it.

There are many older games, mostly last-gen ones, that released on pc but never had achievements. Think Assassin's Creed from 1 to Revelations), Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dead Space 1 and 2, Mirror's Edge, BF Bad Company 2, and many others. All of these offered achievements on other platforms but not on PC. At least not officially: Bad Company 2 had it all registered and needed a 3rd party to display it: http://bfbcs.com/stats_pc/Xamanz

How would it be if we had a system that allowed us to manually select those we THINK we have achieved? I'm sure it could lead to abuse by some people - but does it matter? It could be a differente category with no leaderboard. I personally think it would be awesome if we could do that.
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Hi, to elaborate on this suggestion which I understand is questionable, I have a more limited proposition:

Could we implement manual addition only for PC games that have in-game achievements? (for instance, the Microsoft Store version of Machinarium has in-game achievements, not Xbox ones, while the Steam version has proper Steam achievements. Or the PC version of AC Brotherhood has in-game achievements that are identical to Xbox or PS ones)

A specific "in-game" "platform" could be created and it wouldn't give any EXP points or count in leaderboards, since it is managed manually.

It could also provide a temporary solution to PC Uplay achievements that can't be added on Exophase without API.

On the technical side, it wouldn't be very complicated since the in-game achievements list is generally identical to the Xbox/PS/Steam one (minus the Platinum Trophy on PS of course).


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I like this idea. Would be cool to be able to track your own progress in games with no trackable achievements (like Uplay or in-game achievements). I personally use Backloggery / or a spreadsheet to keep track of games like that, since no achievement tracker currently supports it.

Would probably need some hard work to add a functional system for it though. What do you have in mind? Maybe a system in which users could edit game pages and need an admin to approve the changes before actions take effect (so it doesn't become chaos)? Similar to what you can find in game database websites. And then being able to add it to your profile and tick/untick the achievements you have unlocked so far.


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I actually have no idea of the number of such games (except for Uplay games that have achievements, that must be a few dozens), but I guess the modus operandi would depend on it...

What I had in mind was kind of a curated way:

- first step : make an inventory of such games - maybe make a poll or sth among Exophase users on the forum & Discord to confirm that such game has in-game achievements

- second step : create the achievements lists for these games (by copy/pasting the achievements list on other platforms)

- third step: each user can manually add the game and the achievements they unlocked - if there's an inconsistency in the created achievements list, users can report it to the staff in a dedicated forum thread/discord channel