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Manually adding achievements


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So, this is a probably a controversial idea and it's not really a suggestion - at least yet. I just want to hear everyone's thoughts about it.

There are many older games, mostly last-gen ones, that released on pc but never had achievements. Think Assassin's Creed from 1 to Revelations), Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dead Space 1 and 2, Mirror's Edge, BF Bad Company 2, and many others. All of these offered achievements on other platforms but not on PC. At least not officially: Bad Company 2 had it all registered and needed a 3rd party to display it: http://bfbcs.com/stats_pc/Xamanz

How would it be if we had a system that allowed us to manually select those we THINK we have achieved? I'm sure it could lead to abuse by some people - but does it matter? It could be a differente category with no leaderboard. I personally think it would be awesome if we could do that.
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