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MEAP...My Epically Awesome Prodject!


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Hello I'm Bruce. I have an epic idea for a simple 2D MMORPG for the PSP that anyone can edit and add there own stories and Ideas to the game after the main campaign. This will be a simple yet addictive game that I will draw MANY of the sprites for since It'll be 98% original. But I need help! Ive tried doing it myself but there is no "How to make a tales series like psp game" guide out there plus I have 0 programming Exp.
What I do have is patience, a script, Battle System, menu, world/level layout, and button config all written out! (and Obviously a lot of time!) but before I go into any more detail will anyone help me? Please let me know. I get my scanner next week and will post more info later. Thank You!!


I doubt it. There's a reason requests aren't allowed on most forums - what you're suggesting is a ton of work and you don't even seem to have a concept or any skills. For example, you say this is going to be an MMORPG. Have you put any amount of thought into the infrastructure that would be required to support this?

Sure you might be able to draw, but tons of people can do that and are still terrible at leading projects. Plus you can't even spell ESPECIALLY or PROJECT.


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I agree with Hardrive. Requests in general are frowned upon, especially when you have little or no coding experience yourself. If there is an available programmer out there looking for new projects they usually make themselves known and ask for ideas. Usually artists will join up with programmers, not the other way around.

I personally have had several game ideas but no way to get them into reality with my lack of coding experience. Most requests that are accepted and developed upon are small requests with unique themes and/or gameplay that will help the game standout from the crowd. What you're asking for already somewhat exists on the PC and many developers will see no need or desire to port it to the PSP at this stage in the game


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My bad.

Umm... My apologies. I guess I oversold it. No need to be rude and I did not know request were frowned upon. I was so happy when I found out about homebrew too.. Anyway I was planning on taking it in small steps cause I know the effort put in game design. I'd be doing it myself but in my 2nd year AIA kicked me out cause I couldn't PAY!!! It was gonna be an Rpg mix of Summon Night, Tales and catching eneny monsters. The graphics basic GBA and a story that's epic but very funny. If no one wants to help me CAN I HELP SOMEONE WITH A GAME!! between job and cheap college hunting I'm bored as hell! So...Anyone?