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Most Valued Achievement/Accomplishment?

Craig Fairfax

illuminati Vereran
The zombie genocide achievement from Dead Rising.
Wwith beating Call of Duty:World at war on veteran being a close second.

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Annual on Halo 3.

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Oh yeah that must have been annoying.
I've done the whole of COD4 campaign on Veteran except Mile High Club... I've come VERY close though.

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Which one is that again?

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Oh yeah, sooo annoying. Didn't quite take me 4 hours though :p
The most annoying part was one of the corridors where forward was blocked and you could go left or right, both eventually reconnecting with the main corridor. Down each side was a guy who could kill you AS soon as you popped out. Then when you get down them loads of people run though...

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
I did it by laying prone, moving out a TINY bit so I could see down them and snipe the 2, then run down one and chuck all my grenades into the next bit and run in gun a blazing...


I'm not dead
Mine is definitely From Burnout Revenge.

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The Ultimate Burner! Awarded for nailing all Perfects on Burnout Revenge!


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The zombie genocide achievement from Dead Rising.
Wwith beating Call of Duty:World at war on veteran being a close second.

Exact same as this, even more so by the fact that I completed Zombie Genocide twice after my achievements were wiped :|


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Mines The Mile High Club achievement on COD4

This... Took me damn near 8 hours over, I think it was, 4 days... I'll never play that goddamn mission again. I hate it.

I also have some pride in beating Braid without an FAQ. There was one puzzle that had me stumped for a couple days, but I evenutally got it. Twas good.

Abe Froeman

Gamer Dad
Enforcer Team
Seriously on Gears or the one for Orange Box where you beat Episode One ( or two?) with only firing one bullet.


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Well I don't play any first person shooters, so I would have to say platinum artist achievement on Rock band 2. (Beat endless setlist 2 on expert)


Getting 200/200 in N+ and Soul Calibur
Getting 250/250 in Puzzle quest
Test of Faith achievement in Mirrors Edge(beat the game w/o using guns)
WMD achievement in Alien Hominid(Reach 5000 Km in Super Soviet Missile Mastar)


The Groove Jesus
Beating the Endless Setlist on Hard (Rock Band 2). Not that difficult, but playing 84 songs without quitting is tedious.