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Editorial My Newest Obsession, My Favorite Addiction: A Review of Rainbow Moon



First, I would like to start off my review of Rainbow Moon by saying that I was addicted well before I had played the game. Actually playing it verified everything I had hoped the game would be. To be honest, I'm not sure I will do the game justice with my review, but I will try.

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David Sanchez

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Wow, this seems really, really cool! I'll definitely need to check this one out. Digging the nods at old school RPGs. And the game really does look beautiful. Glad the gameplay is stellar, as well.


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Enforcer Team
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I think a Vita version is being considered but it was posted on the PSBlog that if it was coming for Vita it would be a far off project. I would think its going to happen. If the PS3 version sells well I don't doubt it. Cross play yes please!!
I'm guessing here that the reviewer is a snappy dresser! Or at least an end table..