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360 New Xbox 360 Controller (Transforming D-Pad)


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
The new Xbox 360 controller is now available for purchase today, at least from Amazon from what I can notice. The new controller features an all new silver-design (with grey buttons), slightly redesigned analog buttons (more defined edges/concave area) and the transforming d-pad.

I just bought one now and should be here tomorrow so I'll give my impressions on it then. I was able to use my amazon promotion credit for $40 off (since I pre-ordered two games recently) so it was a no-brainer for me ($15 with next day shipping). Comes with a play-in-charge kit too.

EDIT: Forgot, shipping says it will take 5-8 weeks with Amazon so I'm not so sure if you can even get it now from them. However Buy.com has it in stock: http://bit.ly/apZ1A1 (Newegg has it but it's also out of stock)