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[Newbie FAQs] PSP Slim Homebrew


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PSP Slim Tutos!!!!!

Ok, so ive been reading around the internet and i have been seeing a lot of negative posts and comments surronding the psp slim. So i have decided to compile some guides from what i know on how to get the most out of your psp slim if you think that its bad because it cant run homebrew/isos etc. Well, if your one of those people, keep reading! if not, keep reading anyway :laugh:
PM me or post any questions you may have concerning these guides. I am noob friendly and will get back to you in hopefully a day or two.

I will be adding a small tips sections, i.e tips and tricks that dont fit into any of the categories that I have for organizing the guides.

Enjoy! :laugh:

If someone wants to make a support banner and title for the project since i will probably be updating very soon with all the new psp3k and TA-088v3 rumors flying around lately, that would be very well appreciated and will not be missed!

//Heres a nice little index so you can find what you need easily
Downgrading and Hardware Related
1.How to Downgrade Official Firmware
2.Time Machine installation
3.Clear faceplate Install
4.Flash Themes Installation
5.4.01 M33 Install and Usage Guides
6.5.00 M33 Install and Usage Guides
7.CXMB install guide and theme pack

1.How to copy an ISO to your MS
2.Using Emulators
3.Using Homebrew Correctly
4.IRShell v4.8 install and usage guide

Computer related
1.Speed up your computer using one program
2.Convert ISO to CSO files
3.Using UMDGen to Make UMD Rips

Small Tips and Tutorials

Hardware and Firmware tutorials

How to Downgrade Official Firmware
So you went to the llatest official sony firmware and didnt realize all of the stupid security patch updates and cant play homebrew anymore? well look no further heres a guide on how to downgrade it to 3.71m33 and the jump to 3.90m33 on a slim without buying another battery!!

Step 1.
Make sure you have a psp slim. It should say psp2001 or something similar to it. The UMD door should also just pop open without having to slide the button.

Step 2.
To see if you have the official firmware, go to settings>system>system information and it should say something like Version 3.95.

Step 3.
Get your battery ready. I used a datel tool and took the pin out of that one and it works even smoother but if your scared of opening your batteries i wouldnt do that. I will provide a link on making a pandora. (Ok you do need an extra battery, my bad)

Step 4. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR MS BEFORE CONTINUING!! Now for the fun stuff. Go to google and search for total newbi MS installer. You should find it pretty easily. After you finished downloading it, open the rar file and run START.exe. Thats all you need. The follow the steps onscreen and you will have a complete pandoras ms without anything missing (if you do it right)

Make sure it says magic gate supported, fake memory sticks won't work. (Ive heard that they do, but they need to be reformatted properly to work, and they still might cause compatibility issues.)

Step 5. Insert your ms first and then insert your pandoraized battery into your psp and if everything is successful, you should see the service mode with the options of installing the m33 firmware, official firmware, dumping your nand, and restoring the nand.

Follow the onscreen instructions and you should see Install success press x to shut down the psp. Do it or you will brick your psp.

Step 6.
Insert your normal battery and boot up the psp normally. If it was successful, go to settings>system>system information and it should say 3.71m33-2 or 3.80m33-5. Congratulations again, you just rocked sony with a pandora kit.

Updating to 3.90m33
Step 1. download the updater files here-

Step 2. copy and place the update directory into the game folder of your psp main folder eg ms0:\PSP\GAME

Step 3. Go to your XMB and run the updater. follow the onscreen instructions of the m33 part and then after the modified scea updater finishes press X as usuall, do it or you will brick.

After it restarts,confirm success by go to setting>system>system information again and look and see if it says 3.90m33-3, if it does, your finished (it should, ive tried it failproof on 4 diffrent slims)

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, i only have a camera phone.

TimeMachine Install Guide

Time machine is an app by the famous Dark_Alex that allows the user to jump between firmwares from loading them onto the memorystick. You need at least 3.51 M33.

To do this you need a pandoras battery, which will be capable of tricking the psp into thinking that the firmwares on the ms are the ones that will actually show up and be in effect while powered up.

Step 1. Download time machine and the firmwares needed. To find 360.PSAR search it on google and for MSPIL.bin use it from your pandora stick. Thanks Acertheif for deleting my links :biggrin:

Timemachine - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E9232ITV
1.50 update - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4TZNLKP9
3.40 update - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F5R4CQ4K

After you finished, go to your psps root folder and place all the eboot and psar files there and then place TIMEMACHINEs folder in

Step 2. When you boot up timemachine, the first thing you should to it to write the IPL loader to the MS. (This is the first option). Once completed, go back to the main screen as instructed.

Step 3. Choose the firmware you want to install on the memory stick by highlighting the fw and then click X to start the installation.
You should see a screen like this----

Step 4. After its finished, restart your psp with your pandoras battery in it and run timemachine again. This time select Convert Pandora/DC1-DC4 ipl into tm format. Click it and it shouldnt take to long to convert.

Step 5. Put in your TM ms in (make sure you do this first) then put in your battery and press the corresponding button of the firmware you loaded.

Default buttons are following for the PSP slim(hold it untill it boots!!!! you need to or itll forget if you let go)
O for 1.50
[] for 3.60m33
anything else will boot from the flash firmware

Flash Theme Installation

Step 1.Go to VSH Menu by pressing select on your psp and set your usb device to Flash0, its right after the memory stick.
Step 2. Enable USB connection by go to the settings menu in your psp.
A screen like this should come up--

Step 3. Download a theme and you should find some folders inside called VSH, Font, and sometimes DIC
Step 4. Copy the folders inside the themes and then paste them into your psp folder, when it says there is already a folder named *****, whereas ***** is what it says, click yes and you will see it copying into the PSP.

Step 5. Stop USB connection and restart you PSP. After it turns off, it should boot up into the theme.
Enjoy the themes!

Clear Faceplate Installation
So you bought a new faceplate and can't figure out how to install it flawlessly? look no further, continue reading and you will see how you can make a clear faceplate look like it
came right out of the sony factory!!

Step 1. See what kind of faceplate came in the mail or buy one off the net. Once i find out its ok to post outside links, ill post the store i bought mine from.

Step 2. Make sure you have a PSP SLIM! this tut may work on phats, but its not my specialty, so don't ask me questions about phats. Please.
To do so, find the serial on the psp. It should be something like XXXXXXXXXXX-PSP2001

Step 3. Find the seven screws on the original psp and unscrew them. **Note, two screws are underneath the warranty sticker in the battery compartment, if you want to keep your warranty, stop here and quit. if you don't mind, pull the sticker off and continue. You can't get Sony's help now if you break it, which you shouldnt.

;You should have seven screws, i only have 6 because i managed to lose one of the little ones on the carpet, but its still functional

Step 4. Carefully pry the faceplate off the psp using your hands. Don't pull it off fast, you could damage the internals of the psp.

Step 5. Remove the rubber padding with the buttons on and put it on the replacement faceplate. Do the same for the arrow pads and the vol/home/start/ button pads.

Step 6. Place the new faceplate on after a good cleaning with a screen cleaner and screw it back on just like how you unscrewed it.

Congratulations on installing that faceplate!

4.01 M33 Install and Usage Guide

So DAX released a new firmware. YAY!!! But so far there arent many guides for it other than installation procedures. This will tell you how to use it to its full extent, including some plugin installs.

All installer files are included, read the readme first
4.01M33- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GK16Z7LS

Part One
1. Download 4.01 M33 and sonys 4.01 firmware update. Find one or use my links and rename the sonys update to "401.PBP" without quotes and put it in the same folder as the M33 update. Go to the game section and run the update as you normally would. When the Sony updater starts, dont worry, this is normal.
2.GO to system>system settings>system information and check the firmware and make sure it says 4.01 M33.
3.Download 4.01 M33 update 2 from DA's site or my link. Run the updater it will flash a few files and update the firmware to 4.01M33-2.

The main features of 4.01m33 are the new kernel (of course:biggrin:), psptates experiment(written by DAX himself), as well as a new feature to translate the recovery menu into a different language.

As noted in the readme, change your homebrew folder to GAME4XX, he says this is because he doesn't know if sony will have any significant changes in their kernels, so the XX keeps it clean and unknown.

Part Two

Recovery Mode Options​
When you hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds, it reboots and to get to recovery mode you press the RTRIGGER.
You will see---
Toggle USB ->
Configuration ->
Advanced ->
CPU Speed ->
Plugins ->
Registry Hacks ->
Inside those are---
Toggle USB -> Nothing
Configuration -> Many good and useful options that you can enable or disable
Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP -> is not very useful on PSP Slims, as it was used to enable some lower firmwares on PSP Phats to downgrade back to 1.00 or 1.50.
Advanced -> toggle usb to all your flash items, including Flash0, Flash1, Flash2,Flash3, also has advanced configuration for ISOs and an option to format Flash1(the SCE settings) and reset your settings.
CPU Speed -> Underclock or overclock your PSPs CPU. currently 333 is a good speed to start on, ive been using it for a while and it performs very well.
Plugins -> these contain your "plugins" (extras, like DLLs in computer applications), these are in .PRX format.
Registry Hacks -> These options include switching out your O and X buttons(useful for imported psps), Activating WMA playback(This doesn't connect to the internet to do it), and Activate the Flash Player.
Exit -> exit the recovery mode and return to the XMB.

Plugins- plugins are useful PRX files that do many things that sony would never allow done on thier firmwares for some reason. These include many features (although all of them come seperate), such as streaming music in games, and anywhere on your psp, my favorite, cheating, brightness levels, modifying a few other aspects such as overclocking or overclocking, you get the idea. To use these, Go to you root folder and if there is an seplugins folder, go there, if not create it and then extract the PRX files as well as .txt files that it has.

The flash area can be really dangerous to your PSP if you mess with it. These areas are recommended for advanced users, or if you know know what your doing, go right ahead! Dont come and flame me if anything happens, please that gets really annoying, :eek:hmy:

Part Three

These arent really frequent, i made some up that would probably confuse a lot of people who dont understand CFW to the fullest yet.

1.Arrrggghhhh!! My homebrew i had in GAME3XX isnt loading!!! Why? This is because you have to change GAME3XX to GAME4XX (It said so in DAXs readme)

2.Is there custom themes or CXMB themes for 4.01m33 yet? The answer is yes. There are some on this site or on google.

3.What plugins are avalible for it? Currently, all plugins that arent to a specific fw work, and PSPstates and USBfake.

4.Is it possible to downgrade if i dont like it? Well duh, its a cfw, and always has that capability of downgrading. Even in the future, im sure 8.XX will be able to downgrade somehow.

5.What new features are in the recovery mode? look in part two, i will explain recovery mode.

5.00 M33 Install and Usage Guide

Team M33 has released yet another cfw. soy better watch their backs! This time it is in the 5.00 kernel. It supports the option of using the playstation network store directly from your psp, a redesigned XMB wave, and not much else. (what a waste Sony :glare:) Thankfully team m33 was able to make the most out of it, DAX released a new popsloader, pspstates, and the option of disabling xmb, vsh, and pops plugins to save ram memory. there has already been two revisions, m33-2 and m33-3.

To start the installation, download the 5.00 OFW and 5.00 m33 files.
1. Rename the OFW to 500.PBP and move the folder from the 5.00 m33 download name "update" and move it to the ms0://PSP/GAME section and put 500.PBP file in that same folder.
2. Go to the game menu on your XMB and run the updater. Dont worry when you see that it is a Sony updater. It has to be run in it so that the PSP will recognize the software. When its finished, press X!!!!!! if you dont you can and WILL brick you psp.
3. When finished, go to the system settings menu and check to make sure it says 5.00 M33.

After, if you want to install a later version, download it and run it. It will flash at most 5 files and then you finished updating.

5.00m33 - includes Sony updater -

5.00 M33 starter pack- includes everything you need to get started on this new firmware. To install, just find what you want or go ahead and recopy the folders on the PSP.

CXMB Installation!
CXMB is a plugin coded to change your theme into everything having the same cool effects as a full on flash theme without even touching your psps flash area! It changes your theme exactly like a .ptf and works some magic and viola! You just installed a flash theme in less than a minute!

1. Download my CXMB starter pack and add the folder 'CXMB' to the root of your PSP and then move VSH.txt into your 'SEplugins' folder and then move the contents of ms0://PSP/THEME into the one on your actual memory stick.

2. Go to recovery mode Reboot + 'R' and then go to plugins and enable the cxmb.prx that should hopefully be there.

3. Exit recovery mode and go to the theme settings and then see if you got any themes you want to use and then apply it. If it works, congratulations! if not, go back to where you think you messed up and refollow the steps from there.

CXMB- includes more than 5 themes

Homebrew Center

Ripping UMDs off of your MS0
This tutorial will show you how to copy and use UMDs to their full extent and put them on your memory card.
Im going to use Ace Combat X as the example.

1st step. You need an ISO image writer of some sort. Im using a trial version of PowerISO.

2nd Step. Choose the UMD you want to rip and insert it and then go to VSH menu and select UMD Disc as you usb device. Then go to USB mode and wait for it to show up. You should see a winrar archive named UMD9660.ISO or UMD data.bin and a GAME folder.

3rd. Copy the archive or folders and put them somewhere on your computer.

^this is what it will look like when you are copying, it will take a while, so i recommend going out or watching tv to kill the time

4th. After its finished, go to the ISO directory on your PSPs ms eg ms0:/ISO and then copy and paste your ISO into that directory.

5th. Exit USB after its finished, and then go to VSH and select your UMD mode eg M33 driver, Sony Np9660, OE ISOFs(something like that) or normal if you wnat to put in a UMD while playing your ISO. Then go to the games section and play your ISO!

How to use Emulators

Step 1. Download an emulator and some roms for the particular system you want to emulate. Some examples are-- UO_gpSP, Homers RIN, DAEDALUS R14, NesterJ, etc
Cheezeballs Emulation Guide
Use this link to download emulators, be sure to thank cheezeball for his hard work!

Step 2. Find some roms that should have a .XX whereas the XX is the name of the system the game was originally intended for. eg .gb, .gbc, .z64, .nes, .gba etc.

Step 3. Go to the emulators root folder and find the main folder with the folders for the system inside of it. and then copy the folder to the GameXXX folder on your psp. Whereas XXX is your firmwares kernel. Do not put in GAME150, as psp slims can't load homebrew from that kernel.

Step 4. Go to your XMB after exiting USB mode and load the emulator wherever you see it in the XMB and then load the roms from the folder entitled "ROMS" in the emulators folder.
Google emulators for PSP slim or go to a thread here and download the emulator you want. You also need some roms so google the system and roms for the system and itll be easy to find.

Have fun emulating!

How to Use Homebrew Correctly

Step 1. Download some homebrew from somewhere (i recommend using this site or my freind google, hes got all the homebrew you can ever want)

Step 2. Download it and extract it to your desktop(sometimes winrar can be stupid and doesnt copy JUST the actual homebrew folder to your psp so use this method instead)

Step 3. Copy the folder that contains all the game/apps files into your ms0://PSP/GAMEXXX, and navigate to the game section and then open it up and navigate down to your homebrew you just installed

Step 4. Enjoy playing/using your homebrew that you installed!!

IRShell v4.8 Install and Usage Guide

IRShell is a complete XMB replacement written and developed by homebrew dev Ahman and completely replaces the xmb, unlike most other shells. The main features of it are nethostf, usbhostf, and ISO loading through the shell. You can even boot into it!! without ever having to go into your XMB at all!!! How awsome is that?

For further information and downloads, visit the devs site, www.irshell.org where you can find downloads and updates when needed.

This is the news article from our front page ---

Installation Guide

1. Download iR Shell 4.7 (Link from news story)
2. Open it and move the IRSHELL folder into your psps root ms0://IRSHELL, do the same with seplugins and psp. Only move the seplugins folder in if you want to autoboot with IRSHELL. Move into the psp folder and locate 'GAME'. Move the irshell folder in there onto your memory stick.
3. You now have IRshell installed on your psp, go to the game and run it. If it all works out, congratulations.
4.You can download extras, skins, and apps from the devs site, irshell.org or use google to find the ones that you need.

1. Download iRshell 4.9 and extract it to your desktop http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MFKMQRF6
2. Hook up your psp to your computer and then copy the "IRSHELL" folder from your download over to your psps root. so mso:/IRSHELL.

Options, Extras, Configuring

1. To use the configurator, scroll down to the bottom role and find the option that says "IRShell config" and run the applicition within the application. When it opens, you can set anything and everything you can think of. It also has a skin browser and installs the theme without you having to do anything at all.
2. To install a skin, go to the download section on Ahmans website and browse for a skin you want. After you found one, simply download it, and extract it to your psps root folder. so ms0:/IRSHELL/SKINS. Run the e configurator and install.
3. By default, Ir Shell is set to run at 222mhz. Want to under or overclock it? Run the configurator, scroll until you find the option that says "default clock speed" and change it.

Computer Center

How to Speed up Your Computer

Step 1. Download Auslogics Boost Speed form my link-


Step 3. Go to one button check up on the first screen you see and then you should see- registry cleanup, disk cleanup, disk defrag, and system protection.
It automaticlly scans for problems.
When its done, you should see a button that says Fix Errors, click it and it will start repairing the errors.

Step 4. Wait untill it finishes and then enjoy your turbocharged computer. There are other options for you to optimize your cpu, so check those out on your own.

Converting ISO to CSO
Step 1. Get an ISO file

Step 2. Download YACC, Yet another CSO compressor (i will provide a download link.


Step 3. Open an ISO file by clicking on the INPUT ISO FILE NAME icon and get the one you want to convert.

Step 4. Next, select which format you want to convert to CSO, ISO, or DAX(note, you can't play DAX format as far as i know, DAX stands for Dark_Alex so its his UMD format.

Step 5. Click the icon that says go and sit back and relax.

Step 6. Gp to the folder where you placed the cso and the copy the CSO to the ISO folder in your PSPs memory stick. eg ms0:/ISO
Then go to the psp XMB and go the game section and then open up the game and it should work.

How to Generate UMD Rips from UMDGen

UMD rips are the main features of custom firmware. It works some magic and you can use the UMD and connect the data on the disc on your computer. This whole process can take up to 30-40 minutes, depending on what game and how you do the rip.
You can also remove different areas of the UMD, such as audio and video, and the update files on it to save space. I will go into this later over fall break.

1. Download UMDGen and extract it to your desktop and run it.
UMDGen - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5Z8FEIJG

2. Choose a game or movie you want to rip and change your usb memory stick device to UMD Disc, and then start USB and open up UMDGen.
3. Once it is open, press the OPEN option on the window and find you UMD. It should say UMD9660.ISO. Open the file, then press SAVE after its loaded into the program and you see some folders in the main screen. It will take a while to save, just as doing the simple drag and drop method of UMD rips. But with this, you can save and compress in two easy clicks, which is why i am including this in the guides. You can create .DAX, .CSO, and .ISO files from this very handy app, that you dont even have to do a complete install on your computer.

4. Name your file. So instead of UMD9660.ISO, use the name of the game. Dont worry, itll still work if you do, just keep it short
5. Go to your XMB and place the backup in the ms0://ISO folder and run it from the game menu.

Small Tips and Tricks

How to get thumbnails on your movies -
1. Get a movie or tv show and put it on your psp, then go find an image that describes it and open with your favourite photo editor.
2. Resize the image to 160X120 and save it as the same title as the movie, only with a .jpg extension.
3. Enjoy your thumbnails!!

How to double firefox speed!!
1. Type about:config in your browser and press enter.
2. Type in network.http.pipelining and set that value to TRUE.
3. After that, type in network.http.pipelining.maxrequests double click that option and set its value to 8.
4. Then, type in network.http.proxy.pipelining and set its value to TRUE.
5. Type in network.dns.disableIPv6 and set that value to TRUE.
6. Right click and click on create new boolean and name it content.interrupt.parsing and set the value to TRUE.

You should be loading pages on firefox a lot faster after this. In the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests option, you should play around with that value and find out which one works best for you. This has been helping me incredibly, although my computer takes FOREVER to boot up and its worth your 5 minutes to do these small changes.

How to get the classic waves on 5.00m33
1. If you dont like the new wave design, you go to theme settings, then go to background, and select classic. All of the classic colors from the older firmwares are still on there after you choose that.

371 Fatmsmod.prx on 5.00m33
1. Download PSARdumper with m33 capabilities, and a 371 update eboot. Place the psar dumper in your game folder and rename the 371 update to eboot.pbp
371- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2ASXR6UK
PSARDumper - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MEYTLMEE

2.Run psar dumper, and select the [] option and then wait until everything gets decrpyted. DO NOT Sigcheck these!! if you do, you could risk bricks.
3.Go to the F0 folder on your memory sticks root folder, it should be there if you did everything right. Navigate to :/KD and look for fatmsmod.prx and place that at your memory sticks root folder. Download 371 fatmsmod from D_As website, and place that in the game and run the program.

371fatmsmod for 5.00 - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7EJRTDGN

Done!, you can now delete all the junk off your memory stick, the F0 folder, psardumper, fatmsmod.prx, and the eboot.pbp file.

PSX Emulation on 5.00
All OFWs have a built in popsloader, but you cant play your own eboots for security reasons sony decided to block that feature and make you have to sign up for PSN and buy the eboots off of that. But thanks to DAX, again, we can convert our own games and play them directly from our own memory sticks, instead of letting sony know what were up to :sneaky2:
1.Download popsloader here -
2. Go to the root of your memory stick and place each file in your 'SEplugins' folder and if you already have a pops.txt file in there, open mine up and copy and paste the line of code into your pops.txt.
3.Reboot your psp into recovery mode and go to the plugins directory and enable the plugins. Exit recovery mode, and then start a psx eboot of your choice and you should be playing it fine now.

If there are any problems, reinstall popsloader or rerip the game, if problems persist after that, there could be a problem with the disc that you used. To bring up the popsloader menu, hold the 'R trigger' while booting up the game and select which firmware to use.

Identify your Mobo as a TA-088V3
If you recently bought your psp slim, chances are you have the dreaded TA-88v3 motherboard which prevents users from installing CFWs onto their systems. You can check to see by using a pandora battery set, if you have a light and nothing else, you have a ta-88v3. If you end up having one, dont worry because DaX recently got through the security of this mobo.

Translate any webpage you want using google!

1.Go here - http://translate.google.com/translate_t#
2.Type in the website you want to translate in the box and click 'translate'

[/b]How to Stop the UMD from autostarting[/b]
Tired of your UMD from autostarting when you boot up? Go to system setting > and tick the UMD Autostart option to turn off this feature.

How to join multipart rar files
Do not ask for ISO/CSO files here, this is just showing you how to join multi rar files, using an ISO as an example

1. Download and install winrar from http://www.rarlabs.com/download.htm
2. Place all parts into the same folder on your hard drive
3. Right-click the first part and choose 'Extract to here'.
4. Winrar will open and extract/join the files into one file.
5. You should see your ISO/CSO file, copy it to the ISO folder on your memory stick.

If this is your first time playing an ISO on your memory stick you might need to make the folder yourself.
Open the drive letter your computer gives your PSP Memory stick. (like E:\)
Make a new folder called ISO in the same folder as PSP and MP_ROOT folders your memory stick should already have.

Note: ISO files may look like another winrar file. you can tell if its an ISO when you double click it.
If winrar opens and you see a file and a folder (PSP_GAME and UMD_DATA.BIN) then its an ISO file.

Want to download and install homebrew without a computer?!
Download PSarchiver Here and rename the .pbp file to EBOOT.PBP and make a folder in ms0:/PSP/GAME named psarchiver, and place the eboot file in that folder. eg ms0:/PSP/GAME/psarchiver/eboot.pbp

Go to the game menu and execute the program, this downloads and installs all the homebrews in the database in their required location.

Here are some additional links for you to check out -
Universal Unbricker Guide by uncie eX
OFW by dennis
Fake Memory sticks by Xsavior
UMD Compatibility list by roe-ur-boat

Team C+D for pandora battery
Poison for CXMB
Everybody at exophase for taking the time to read this :w00t:


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dear lovely anglesniper45
it s possible if i want to upgrade my firmware to 3.80 m33 without using pandorized battery? what i mean is using a normal battery with the firmware that u already give... is that possible...
thanks you so much


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it depends, if your on official firmware you have to have one. But im not sure about how you would upgrade from a lower firmware since mine came with 3.95


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no you dont, those are .exe files, which only run on computers, go into the PSP_Memorystick folder and whatever you see in that folder copy to your formated MS and then insert your battery and follow the instructions from there


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Hi angelsniper45

aha....., thks.

no you dont, those are .exe files, which only run on computers, go into the PSP_Memorystick folder and whatever you see in that folder copy to your formated MS and then insert your battery and follow the instructions from there


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TQ anglesniper45

thank you so much anglesniper. i guess i need someone to upgrade my firmware so must send to shop that provide this service... so sad cannot do it by myself. iskk iskk...


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why not? if you have an extra battery hardmod it and then you got yourself a pandora....i might provide a tutorial for that soon if i get an extra batt because it can be risky so ill wait and see, im also working on a timemachine installer based on windows, so check that out in the releases soon XD


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Hi All,

I did the steps ***How to manually flash themes via USB***, and after that my PSP is dead, when I power it on, the PSP screen background turns on with no image, no sound, and after few seconds the PSP goes off, dead :-(, I tried to boot up in recovery mode, but it's the same, I have PSP Slim CFW 4.01 and I made a backup copy of the Flash0 folder before install the themes . What can I do to bring my PSP back to life??? I'm kind off Newbie...

Thanks in advance


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You can use a pandora battery, other than that im not sure....What theme were you using? many themes for 4.01 arent that well developed YET, so PM me after problems if yo utry the pandora


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How come for the XMB themes sometimes you download a easy to use .ctf, which works just like a .ptf so you can have multiple on your pc at once, other times you have to flash it in so, I've never done it this way, that means you cannot have multiple themes, correct?
And why do you have to backup your flash0 folder, is it just in case something wrong occurs?
And since .ctf are easier to use and you get the same effect as flashing it (correct me if I'm wrong) why not just always use .ctf?


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How come for the XMB themes sometimes you download a easy to use .ctf, which works just like a .ptf so you can have multiple on your pc at once, other times you have to flash it in so, I've never done it this way, that means you cannot have multiple themes, correct?
And why do you have to backup your flash0 folder, is it just in case something wrong occurs?
And since .ctf are easier to use and you get the same effect as flashing it (correct me if I'm wrong) why not just always use .ctf?

Correct, flashing a theme will replace the default one that the PSP uses. That's why it's recommended to backup your files incase you want to revert back or if something is wrong with the custom theme.

Most people seem to be releasing themes in CTF format these days.


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hi act u can hard mod and still use it as normal,as long as u install a multi boot ipl in the ms that you use for storing games....just use UPMS for installing the magic stick..coz im using it now witout any problem :)


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Hi All,

I did the steps ***How to manually flash themes via USB***, and after that my PSP is dead, when I power it on, the PSP screen background turns on with no image, no sound, and after few seconds the PSP goes off, dead :-(, I tried to boot up in recovery mode, but it's the same, I have PSP Slim CFW 4.01 and I made a backup copy of the Flash0 folder before install the themes . What can I do to bring my PSP back to life??? I'm kind off Newbie...

Thanks in advance

try to boot to recovery by holding R button.if you can boot to recovery then format flash1 from there....i hope this help 8)


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I'm just about to have a go at doing my kids slim psp, but it says psp2003 under the battery, is it safe to go ahead ?

I went ahead and did it, worked fine.


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A correctly made pandora battery and ms should be able to downgrade anything, and anuria, did you back up you flash0 folder? If not just use pandoras


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Very good tutorial !

Ok, I read many Magic Memory Stick making procedure and all requires a homebrew capable PSP. In your guide, no PSP needed (except the one we want to install the CFW on :biggrin:), we only have to copy the files on the Memory Stick and that's it ? I already have a Pandora Battery.

Also, do this procedure is working on a 4.XX official firmware ? I will buy my PSP Slim soon, I know it will problably be the 3.90 firmware or something though but in case... :)

And finally, is it working with a 8GB Sony MagicGate Memory Stick ? I have already one, do I need to buy another little card like 256Mo to be the Magic Stick. Cause if it's working with a 8GB one, I will reformat it after and use it as a normal Memory Stick once the PSP is on a CFW.

Thanks !


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It will work on any firmware etienneb1, and thanks Acertheif, i wasnt sure if i was allowed to :} I already had those links finished so i didnt want to have any time in uploading, since my internet is very slow, and also no more updates untill a month or two, what other files are you talking about?


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It will work on any firmware etienneb1, and thanks Acertheif, i wasnt sure if i was allowed to :} I already had those links finished so i didnt want to have any time in uploading, since my internet is very slow, and also no more updates untill a month or two, what other files are you talking about?

Like the Pandora
Scroll through your guide, any linked replaced by "[Link deleted by Acerthief]" are links file that are illegal. As for the pandora to can tell them to google the total newbie installer.

ROMs? Just tell them to google.
The emus are easier, all three of the emus are uploaded in the exophase.com server, you can just check through the PSP News section and basically you can find the download link, and use it in your guide.