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No points for Zaccaria Pinball?


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Hi, I just noticed Zaccaria Pinball on Steam currently doesn't grant any experience for achievements. I was wondering if it maybe got flagged as an achievement spam game? While it does currently have over 4k achievements (with more added with each new table), it is legitimately challenging to earn most of them. In the 34 or so hours I've put in, I've only managed to earn 1/3 of the achievements available.

Just wondering if this was intentional or some sort of auto-filter thing for games with high numbers of achievements, and whether or not it will change.



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Yes, we auto remove all games with a very high achievement count. I've been adding games back that aren't spam based on user feedback.

I've added that one to the whitelist now, so it will be counted on the next points refresh.


Hi all,

I think when the archievements are hard to obtain, there should be some reward in exp. However, as things are right now the 35h of game time result in something like 35k exp. This is more than I have gotten in the last 5 year (with 38 platinum trophies). Not sure how to tackle this problem. Maybe set a maximum number of exp that can be obtained via a single game?


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Hmm, yeah, I agree that the point value should be much lower. Since a lot of the achievements are tied to DLC, that automatically boosts the EXP value of these achievements from folks that only have played the base game or just a few of the tables.

If we could calculate the EXP value based on the # owners of each DLC set, that alone would probably make the point value a lot lower. We already do that for Xbox/PSN. But unfortunately Steam doesn't indicate which achievements are tied to DLC.

A good example of this is the Halo Master Chief Collection - with DLC separated, it's worth about 29K points on Xbox One, but I just noticed the Steam version (since we don't have DLC marked) is worth 179K

Maybe cap these games at 30K points total? Until we find a way of separating DLC I suppose. I might be able to use the data we have from PSN/Xbox to separate DLC, though obviously that'd only work with cross platform games.
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