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Not connecting or showing stats

Jammin Joey

New Member
I connected my PSN account but it says that there is no stats with this account. I'm looking to see my Apex hours. All privacy settings are on and I have waited hours and nothing.
Also my Steam and Xbox account won't connect at all and all the privacy settings are open on those as well.

Think the idea of the website is cool just wish I could see those things it offers


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
You need to run a manual scan after changing any privacy settings, otherwise it takes about 6 hours before it will automatically scan the profile again.

PSN seems fine now. Can you post a link to your profile page on Xbox.com and the Steam website?

Not seeing any tracking issues with either. You may be entering in the wrong username for Steam - make sure you're entering in the username that shows in your profile URL, not the username you use to sign-in on Steam.

Jammin Joey

New Member
I guess I just needed to wait another 5 minutes... lol
I was using the steam User name vs the steam Account name. Thank you
Everything popped up and when I re-tried the Xbox it work!
Thanks for the response!