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Notes on Manually added Games


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Is there any chance we'll ever gain the ability to add notes next to our manually added games?

For example I was curious so I looked up what I thought my nearly perfect Pokemon Conquest Save would have been like in Retro Games, at 189 hours, and took the time to go through my gallery to double check how close I was to it's perfect one.

Apparently missing some of the more important achievements, as I missed some details, honestly not sure I want to take the time to work on and complete them now as I was using it more as a test case of adding a game that I played a lot a few years ago.

I'd love to add a note to that game pointing out what I'd need to do if I ever got back into playing it, and it would even more useful for more recently manually added games.

Size doesn't have to be massive, here's what I'd add to Conquest for example on what is missing.

Missing all Warlords evolve Masamune (25 Points)
Missing all Pokemon in Gallery (Black Rayquaza, Zekrom) (25 Points)
Missing all Warlords Perfect Nobunaga and Masamune form (Black Rayquaza, Zekrom) (50 Points)
Multiple perfects missing from warriors (Most being pre-evolutions as apparently you need both the pre and evolved form) (100 Points)

If this is not possible, is there a section where one can put a Signature or something similar in your profile that people can see, on the front of the profile page?

I'd use it to link to an Excel Sheets, and manually type out all notes for manually added games myself.
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This would be a good feature, or the feature to make custom achievements would be really helpful but even just a notes area would be great