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Official PSU Thread


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Probably the best MMO ever tbh, despite it not being that massive.

Captain Gingerbeard
Captain Gingerbread

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I would love the game if it didn't get hacked to shit and back.


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The 360 version isn't too bad, but it is a shame, that's why I stopped playing the old PSO games.

Pokemanz master

Lowering your IQ
I love psu, I love the psp demo I can't wait for the full game.
Tip: you can use an usb keyboard to type:3

Pokemanz master

Lowering your IQ
Anyone know if its free to download it for pc?
I was hoping find an private server something play on.:/
News I read the official english version of psu portable is out around Jan.
I don't know if its true or not.

Mave Zero

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Hey Hippie, I think I got a friend request from you, but I don't remember if it was you or someone else. I've been really sick only checked from my laptop. I'd be happy to play PSU with anyone, since most of the time I'm just playing alone and leveling bullets.

GT is Mave Zero.