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?OFW 3.11? trying to get to 1.5

sup3r b0wlz

New Member
hey guys. been reading some great threads on here and was wondering if you guys could help me out a little more

im trying to fix a friends PSP 1001

they bought it from a local game shop....dumb idea but w/e. so being the computer nerd that i am i said i could prolly fix it... after 3 hours sitting here going in circles im starting to regret that. so heres the deal

the PSP firmware is 3.11. i tried to update it (first thru umd, second thru network, third thru manually putting the EBOOT.PBP in the update folder) they all gave the same error code DRNFFFFFFCD "the system configuration of this PSP system does not appear to be correct. the update cannot be competed. contact technical support for assistance (HAHAH yea right... lol)"

so some searching told me this "key 0x5 header is not "g k l C" (in hex: 67 6B 6C 43) * to fix this, get KeyCleaner - then let it clean key 5, run it again and tell it to UNPATCH key 5"

ao i tried downloading key cleaner 1.4 and putting it in the game folder, trying to run this gives me an error of "80020148" which as i understand it means that i am on OFW???

ao im in a pickle. cuz as i understand it i need to get up to 3.5(i also tried updating to this manually, same code) in order to downgrade to 1.5, in order to install CFW, inorder to run key cleaner, inorder to installl OFW, or CFW if my friend wants that... is that pretty much it? thanks for any and all help.

EDIT: followed instructions here (http://www.iskysoft.com/article/downgrade-psp-to-version1.5-using-psp-battery.html) but when i get to the part where i run the game on the psp it gives me error code 8002014C ughhhhhh! lol