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Origin - Final Fantasy XV not updating correctly


I've been playing FF XV on Origin yesterday and today, and I've earned 10 achievements, but the game is not showing up on my profile on Exophase. The game is in the database, but it shows 0 players tracked: Link

I tried playing Bulletstorm Lite on Origin as a test just now and the 1 achievement I earned showed up on Exophase pretty much instantly.

Origin username is Deepo.

Can you please have a look? Thanks.


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Enforcer Team
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I had a quick look just now and it appears FFXV isn't showing up under the owned games list on Origin for anyone (I assume it does when you are logged in, but when I view other profiles from my account, it doesn't show). I'll make some changes so the scanner tries to check for achievements in the game anyway, that should fix it.