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PC Origin - looking for help with MP games achievements


MP is so dead in the majority of old EA games so achievements wise its almost impossible to 100% many of Origin MP games (Fifa, BF,SW:BF...etc) and the fact that I'm not really skilled in those games makes it worse for me but I try.

I have currently installed BF1, Fifa 15 & Fifa 16
My Origin Access Basic will expire June 15th 2020 and god only knows if I will be able to sub again when that time comes.

I have a limited internet (~15Mbps dl speed and monthly quota 140GB, internet monthly sub starts at day 14th of each month) so I try to be reasonable with what I download each month especially that I also try to hunt achievements on Steam too.

I wish this great site would have more active Origin-interested members it would have helped greatly, I might post this in other places.

Origin ID: N7_A_M_R_Egypt
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I have no idea how to edit the OP so:

I uninstalled BF1 as I need the space for other games
I have currently installed: Fifa 15,16, 17 & 18


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Add me up on Origin, l can help out, looking for a few achievements on FIFA 18 (Pro Clubs), I have all FIFA games, all BF games

Edit: Origin ID: RavingWasp


I want to complet BF3 achievments, but i could also buy BF1 and help you. The problem is that i live in Brazil and may the connection could become slow. Origin: Deudalephon
I will sign origin pass and we could play more than this games = )