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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darkchild, May 9, 2009.

  1. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor

    This is my new hobby! :D
    all I do is, take 5 photos of the same place, just near, and then use Microsoft's Image Composite Editor utility for joining them! :D

    some of my work:
    You guys try it!
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  2. Justdie

    Justdie I feel safe in my BOX

    hey those some dam good photos there... i just might try that.
  3. Jake

    Jake Member

    Those are some nice shots.

    I got a Olympus camera while I was on holiday which has a panorama mode where you just have to take the first picture and then it tells you where to take the next one.

    Here are some of the better ones I took.



  4. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor

    niiice :D beautifull views too!!

    but try what I said above
    take normal pics, slowly move, take more, then use the program :D

    they come out "almaost as good" though my cellphone's image quallity isn't the best they are pretty good imho

    (still, good to see I'm not alone in this :D)
  5. Jake

    Jake Member

    I will try that some time, i did say those were the better ones I took, my camera stuffed a few up. Blurred edges to make the pics fit together and such.
  6. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor

    New photo added! :D
  7. mortalinstincts

    mortalinstincts eXophase Staff

    Damn, this app is awesome...

    thank you :)
  8. Darkchild

    Darkchild The Doctor

    no problem :) just post some panoramic photos <3

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