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Editorial Papo & Yo Review



From developer Minority Media Inc. comes the emotional story of Papo & Yo. It is a dark autobiographical tale about a boy named Quico and his best friend, Monster, filled with heart-breaking symbolism describing the complicated relationship of a boy and his father who is battling alchoholism. The character Quico represents Minority Media Creative DirectorVander Caballero as a boy as he stuggles to help his father, depicted as Monster, overcome his alchohol consumption, which is cleverly represented by poisonous frogs.

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I love the story behind the creation and meaning for this game. It's unique look and style coupled with that first aspect caught my eye and so I bought it on day one... have yet to get the time to sit down to it just yet, though. Great review as it looks at it in a more positive light based on those kinds of ideals, rather than focusing solely on the negative aspects (which a lot of reviews seem to be doing).