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Parasite Eve 2 Compatability


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How to get Parasite Eve 2 working under 3.10oe-a2

1. Rip your game images. I used Alcohol 120%

2. Patch away the protection (this is important, as without this step, the game will crash at various stages, for me it was leaving for the desert) Google "megagames parasite eve 2" to find the .ppf files you need. Use PPF-O-MATIC or something similar to apply the patch for each disk.

3. Open your favourite EBOOT creator. Change the game ID to SLPS 00025.

4. Play this wonderful game!

I hope this helps anyone looking to play this great game, and maybe save you some time too!

Sorry if this has been covered before, I know the game ID change is old news but without removing the protection, its pointless as even though this gets the game running, it may still crash as it did for me.

Thanks and have fun.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Cool, nice info. I'll use this!


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Okay so I have PE 2 and it runs, and doesn't glitch, but it crashes at different areas, usually when I'm switching weapons in battle, or using one of the powers. I'm using PSP 3001 model, I can't remember the firmware because it was a while ago when I put it on there. (I tried several ones just for this game) I've seen your blog and thought maybe this could be the cause, but can you help me? I don't even know if mine is patched or not. (Still a bit of a newb please bare with me.) Much appreciated since this is one of my favorite games. Thanks.
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