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PC Tech Support


The Doctor
Hey...It would be nice if there were a PC Tech Support section :). I will be the moderater if it is accepted :D


Staff Member
you're lead mod anyway :p

think im the only senior member...all the rest of the members who would be senior are mods.. :\


New Member
Lead mod? Thats crap. I have been mod here before you all. But I won't get mad, I will get glad :biggrin: I say we need it also.


The Doctor
well, if I have the title of Lead moderator it's because I deserve it and I will make it so that I will keep deserving it =D

Anyways...I wants my PC Tech support section xD


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor


Hmm woulda never known that forum was there had i not happened to see this thread...

Perhaps some better visability.