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Play TV


cant fux widdit
I picked it up, it's pretty nifty (I never had a TV in my room) and it's really easy to set up. Well worth the price.

Anyone else have thoughts ?


I'm not dead
If I didn't have my PC setup with a DVB card then I would've been all over this. Would be awesome if they could do a Freesat HD version, or even Sky HD.


cant fux widdit
twelve: I had a USB stick version thing that got lost in the redecorating so I thought might as well.

Greyone: No idea mate.


New Member
Greyone said:
Is it region free?
Or would it not work in the US
Wont work. The only reason it works in the UK is because this country has free to air channel's already broadcasting, something the US just doesn't have yet.

The only reason i'm yet to buy one is the limited channels. I dont think theres enough things on freeview that interest me enough to record them. Meaning i'd be paying


There's quite some channels available via DVB-T here, where I live, only problem: they all suck *lol*

Anyway, there IS the one or the other interesting show and using the PS3 to record them would be a very nice option, I am really thinking of maybe getting a PlayTV....

I'd instantly get one if there would be an option of exporting recordings, but AFAIK there isn't....

And a question: You have to keep your PS3 running all the time for the scheduled recording to kick in, right?
For the power THAT eats, I could buy a whole try of DVDs of the show I want to DVR *lol*