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PS4 Played time is way wrong! ...in some games.


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I started to notice some games showing way more hours played than i actualy played. Like Dmc5 shows almost 100hrs in exophase, but i dont played that much, i dont even finished the game yet.

Other games have show way more hours that i actually played, like: Shadow of Tomb Raider and Injusticed 2.

What can be causing this? The only thing i think it can be is that i leaved DMC5 "on" while i put my ps4 in Standby mode overnight.

I already did the manual sync, but nothing changed.


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Enforcer Team
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The same playtime values are shown on PSN, when viewing your profile on a PS5. It'd be best to report the issue to Sony as there's nothing we can really do, they track the playtime and we simply read in the values.

You can however manually correct the hours played here by hovering over a game and clicking the Edit icon - though keep in mind this will prevent the hours from auto-updating for those games going forward. But can be useful if it's only a few that are incorrect.