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Playing any Horror Games this week?


New Member
I just completed The Evil Within this weekend. Its was a very...interesting game. It was fun to play though, not too scary, but definitely gave me the goose bumps with the music sometimes.

Are you playing any Horror games this week to celebrate Halloween?

Survival Horror

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Ι will play again my fav game from Gamecube(Resident Evil Remake)when I have the chance.I am waiting for Until Dawn(Exclusive ps4)when will be available.

Righteous Nixon

New Member
Resident evil HD. I still need to play Alien isolation. Damn so many games and no time to play them all.

I keep forgetting Resident Evil was already released. Definitely need to jump on that one. Ah, the memories of that game! That is when gaming really started to get amazing, back in the PSOne days.