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Policy Regarding ISO/CSO Files


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Erm ..sorry but i wanna ask ..
did sony launch any games without UMD before ?
Actually the Custom Firmware that Dark-alex did wasnt for playing Updated/new UMD games wasnt it ?
Custom Firmware made to let us Play "so called Illegal" copied Games rite?
So hackin Psp and made it HomeBrewed, doent thatmean it hit Sony's copyrights?
Well , when come to PsP .. i guess rule is meant to be broken ..
I GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY Digimon World 3 !!


eXo Staff
CFW is not illegal, but does void the warranty.

DA made CFW to prove it could be done, while games are an obvious item, the use of a PSP in the way it can be is far more important.

Sony do nothing more than trickle feed us improvements, and there limited in scope.

The ability to play ISO's is made by Sony hence their Np-9660 driver.


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what if some asks for help saying they have a /cso/iso can we help them install the file even if they dont specify where they got the back-up from?


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Enforcer Team
That's true, they can, but we need to give people the benefit of the doubt. If a user does not mention the source it is assumed they did a backup from UMD. To be honest I don't like to support ISOs at all since let's be honest, very few people dump their games legally. But seeing as we support the M33 firmware it would be seen as a double standard by not allowing ISO talk.