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Post your computer setup


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So clean!!


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I know this isn't that cool for most of you, but for those that don't know, like me, it's awesome. I just happened to discover the extended Desktop option on my new laptop after hooking up an external display.

How many of you have 2 desktops? (Linux users don't count.)


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I occasionally run two desktops/screens with Ultramon so that there's 2 separate task bars.
That way windows in the other screen also minimize to that screen.

I'll probably get rid of both monitors and by just one nice proper monitor.

My computer is fairly new but nothing fancy. Won't be building one until I find a new job.


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but that tower does not have a monitor or a mouse or anything, I just control it via remote access from my laptop... or whatever computer I'm using at the moment.

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Vanden said:

nice desk, I wish I can get one in my room.
I have one, but its really small.