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Post Your Desktop Thread!

^ Nice, I run Ubuntu too.

Here's my current:

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Nice fire watch background and i love the community for Linux just amazing and things just work and its not bloated. Im also going to try Manjaro Linux its a little smoother an also gets constant updates and new software very quickly and something called rolling release like a new way of upgrading the OS.Ill probably just dual boot to have to both.
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Resistance is Futile, I am once again Using QTile, anyway new desktop
Running Manjaro Linux, with QTile Window Manager, lxsession for polkit and SDDM as my Login Manager.
Wallpaper is a modified version of the Alma Armas Wallpaper (literally the first option in a google search) i ran through an app on my phone called Glitch Lab, gives it a cool look imho

This is definitely a departure from my old Win 10 desktop but tbh Tiling WM's are just bliss.
And yeah, i have Element (a Matrix Client) and naturally it has no glyph in Font Awesome or any of those from my searches so it kinda sticks out and its really bugging me.