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Private profile?


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How can I set my account and other profiles to private? So nobody else can see any of it?
I don't want my games, achievements, level, game time, last played, etc, to be seen by anyone except me and maybe friends.
How do I do that?

If this is not a feature, can you please add it. Thanks
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Sorry, I missed this thread. This isn’t an option for now, since you have to leave your profiles on the services themselves public in order for tracking to work anyway I suppose I’ve never really considered that one would want to make their profile private here.

Anyway, there are some challenges to implementing it - one, we don’t enforce mandatory verification of profiles. There is optional verification but some of the services like EA and Ubisoft don’t have verification methods at the moment. It would have to be a requirement to verify the profile for this option (otherwise anyone could add a profile and mark it private).

Second, I wouldn’t want users to use the privacy option to randomly drop/in out of the leaderboards. But this could be addressed by adding some kind of cooldown period - maybe you turn the option on and then later turn it off, there would be a 7 day waiting period to return on the leaderboard.

So as you can see it’s not as simple to add as it seems, unless you would only want privacy for the main profile while leaving the linked accounts public. That’s easier to add since it doesn’t have to factor in the verification aspect. I guess in the short term I would be willing to add that with some kind of disclaimer of the limitations.
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It's much easier to see the games and achievements on this website than having to scroll through convoluted menus in the Google Play Games app.
My thought was, to have the profile here hidden, so it can't be seen publicly (and thus any linked gaming accounts would be hidden). Maybe only allow friends to see it, but I don't mind if that can't happen either.

Here's with an example:
Let's say I add my Google Play account, which has to be public (otherwise we technically shadow ban ourselves from leaderboards on Google).
This would mean that now this Google account is tied to the exophase account (others shouldn't be able to just add that name to their account).
The thing I was asking is to make the games, achievements, leaderboards, time played, etc, private here on exophase.
I just want to have a quicker and easier way to view my games and achievements, and decide what to play next. I don't want others to know it too.

Ofcourse the next step would be to have a private Google profile and also private exophase sync.