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PS3 3.41 Versions and what'll kill PSGroove


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Hey guys, Question about PS3's
I Got mine today and its loaded with 3.40 system software. You need 3.41 for PSGroove / PSFreedom. Theres two versions of it n'all aint there one with a dodgy HDD bug and the fixed one.

Now does the HHD Fixed update, availible from Exo's download centre kill the PSGroove exploit? Does it kill backup manager style programs if not PSGroove itself.

(The reason i'm asking about BM is my copy of ridge racer is pretty beat up and running it from HDD may give better performance and less crashes)

Cheers, Simon19

El Diablo

Pretty sure the one on here is the most recent 3.41 with the fix, and the bug only happened to some people who installed a third party internal hard drive in their ps3 so you should only really be worried about that if you have one. Any version of 3.41 will run psgroove but nothing above it will right now.


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Cheers! Time to upgrade to 3.41 via usb! Thanks, youve put my mind at rest!

Many Thanks!