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PS3 accessories


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My controller of PS3 has been damaged by my brother, so i need to buy a new one, i actually found a wireless controller for PS3 at the price of $20.92 on:
I think it is a copy as it's much cheaper than the original one, but it looks almost the same, i’m also interested in buying a dual Charging Station like: http://www.tinydeal.com/controller-charging-station-dock-for-sony-ps3-playstation3-p-2166.html
Has anyone ever bought some third party accessories like this? How about the quality?


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hmm, at first glance i thought this was another spam post(sorry mods)

i personally have a gamestop ps3 controller that i got for Christmas, it doesn't have six axis capability's though, but the analog sticks are curved in like the 360 controller, so i much prefer it over the ps3's controller analog, and it's worked fairly well for a third party controller, i've also brought a madcat's 360 controller which i liked more than the standard 360 controller's, so my opinion is that of having had good experience with third party accessories

i've never bought a carbon copy of a controller however, so all i can suggest is to read the comments, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

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Dont buy a 3rd party ps3 controller. I went down that road and was left unsatisfied. The first one i got didnt charge, the second one i got had a analog stick that was too loose and both of the controller didnt light up properlly letting yu know what controller number it was or if it was charged.

You really are better off just spending the retarded amount of money for the real Sony brand - theyll last you a long time so its an investment worth taking.

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I would avoid the controller that you linked to in your first post as it says it uses 2.4Ghz RF, which is not true of the PS3 controllers which use Bluetooth


As much as I hate Sony, their controller is the better choice (at least for the ps2 it is).
Both me and a friend have PS2s and we both bought '3rd party' cheap controllers (we had around 4 or 5 of those)....
All of the them broke by now and don't work fully.
I only have one fully working controller, the one I got with the PS2!
Also the feel of the buttons is way better in the original than in the 3rd party one.


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I still use a PS1 controller that is more than 10 years old and it works perfectly. It outlasted even my PS2 controllers where the analog sticks became loose.

There is no substitute for the genuine Sony controller.


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I still have PS1 and PS2 pads that work fine, all original models that came with the consoles. Sony knows how to make good quality stuff. Go official.


I'd have to agree as well. The PS2 controller that I got with the PS2 still works perfectly while I've gone thru 2 imitations in the last 7 years, also the original ps3 controller still works great (more than a year old) but the cheaper one's right analog is already acting up. Go for the real deal!


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I would always go with the genuine pads, the third party ones are cheap for a reason. I also find teh genuine more comfortable to use.