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Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Justdie, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Justdie

    Justdie I feel safe in my BOX

    so Ive had my ps3 slim for about a year or two now, and other than the normal popping and cracking and the like which is normal for this system. it recently started to do something a little strange. but only when playing games.

    my ps3's disk drive makes a buzzing sound like a mosquito, but only when a a game like demons souls is in the system. I know its the disk drive because when i eject the disk the noise stops, but if i have the ps3 in the vertical position(which i never use) the noise doesn't seem to happen and if it does its very slight.

    Ive tried some research on this matter myself and haven't found anything useful but people with the same problem. i really don't know how to go by issue at all. i will try cleaning it and seeing if the issue persists. and if there is a good way to help clean my system or if you have an answer for my issue i would love to hear it. thank you. :smile:
  2. Dan

    Dan Contributor

    Is it in a well ventilated area? Also check for dust or you'll be getting a YLOD.
  3. Justdie

    Justdie I feel safe in my BOX

    my room is pretty well vetilated, and there is a small amount of dust that i clean of the system and its stand every week or so.
  4. Alex

    Alex Developer

    Its got nothing to do with ventilation, it sounds like the disk drive isn't.... what's the word?

    Balanced? the disk isn't sitting properly, so when you put it in the vertical position it sits in properly.

    If you're not very technical, use it vertically, if you are, open it up and check if everything is aligned properly.

    (There are lots of screws involved and a tiny wire that if snapped renders your bd drive useless, just a heads up.)

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