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PSP PSP GO showing background but no icons.


Darkside viewer.
Hello, I have a problem and I really need help.

I have a white PSP GO running 6.60 PRO-B9. Yesterday my cousin take it and touched all keys (music, brigthness, vol+, vol-, etc) "to see" if they work properly. Right now I don't know what to think about him. I don't know if there are a key combination or something, but the thing is that the PSP was working fine, and after he did whatever he did, when he tried to see a video it never showed up, just the loader at the right-bottom of the screen but never listed me the videos I have. Also when he tried to play a game, this time the PSP showed the games list, but when he executed on, the PSP went blank after the PSP default animation and restart.

Well, after that everything looks normal, it iniciate with Sony Computer Entertainment animation, then the waves, and that's all, I can see the waves moving BUT NO ICONS, I can even see the clock and calendar when I close it, but never the icons.

My huge doubt is around what could happen there and mainly how to fix it. I even press Start + Select + Square + Triangle to restore Flash1 and nothing, I have to go to the main assistant completely blind because I can't see the icons.

My question is if there are a key combination to do that and ofcourse, if there a key combination to put it back.

Thanks for you time.

Best regards.


Teh Fett Mawn
is the background white? i remember helping a user once who had the background set to change depending on the month, and i think for january the background is white, which can make it very difficult to see the while icons. if thats the issue, just change the background color and that should solve the problem.


Darkside viewer.
No buddy, I'm an old user... if that was the problem I could fix it. When I say no icons, believe me, it's no icons.

Any help?