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Rarity percentage is shown differently from the original


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So I got this achievement on Xbox One with 0.99% (Borderlands 1), very rare. But in Exophase it says 8.70% instead, any idea why?

What's going on? Does Exophase percentage show based on how many people unlocked it in Exophase instead, rather than showing the original? Is that what's going on here? That would make abit more sense since I would think people who gets Exophase are the kind of people who cares about the achievements abit more.
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Yes - only users on the site that have earned at least one achievement are included in the rarity stat here. So I would expect the unlock percentages will typically be higher than what's shown on Xbox. When a game is part of GamePass that skews the numbers a bit too - as I think the platform numbers factor in everyone who has played the game and not at least one achievement.