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Rayman Adventures stuck at 0% on my profile


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Hi ! So i have some issues with this game. First is that it doesn't seem to synchronise my earned achievements, and every time I close the game, it goes back to 0% on my Google Play Games account.

Second is that on ExoPhase, the game remains at 0% even when I manage to keep my earned achievements on Google Play.

Any idea how to fix this?

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Enforcer Team
If the game goes back to 0% in the Play Games app it means those achievements aren't actually syncing to Google's servers, so the scanners here won't be able to see them.

It seems to be an issue with the game. Someone else here reported the same, with the completion reverting back to 0%: https://forums.exophase.com/threads/android-synch.46860/

I would recommend reporting it to Ubisoft.