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Rdio - Zune Pass for everyone else


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Hey I might be late to the party but I just discovered rdio . Think of it as a Online Zune Pass or a Paid Lala. I on the demo right now and I might say im very impressed with the mobile android app and the desktop matches most of the music you have in your Itunes or media player, now it does cost 5 bucks for web only and 10 bucks a month for Web + Mobile. It worth a check out.


Not bad. I'd like to point out that they added a web version to the zune pass recently, so you can listen to musics on any (silverlight equipped :() computer anywhere.


MD Party Room
I must have missed that bit of news. to bad I have not used my zunes in ages nor does android support sliverlight for me to use it


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Sounds a lot like another Grooveshark or Spotify. Actually, a bit of a middle-ground between those two services.
Looks interesting, and I might give it another look if it launches here.