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[RELEASE] Cross Extended ver.1.0


Celestial Troupe
Cross Extended is a plugin that provides detailed information about PSP.

1. Copy "crossext.prx" to "ms0:/seplugins" folder.
2. Add the following to line to vsh.txt and/or game.txt. (for some reason, this cannot be used in pops).


3.Enable the plugin from the recovery menu.

How to use:

While in XMB or Game,
(VolumeUp + L) to show info.
(Note + R) to take screenshot.

While in Info displayed,
(Home) to close info.
(Note) to take screenshot of info.

Very useful information provided by Jas0nuk & harleyg from LAN.ST


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Nice release :)


Celestial Troupe
I see, i'll be updating this plugin soon. thanks for the feedback:smile:

I've also found a bug when using it in a homebrew app causing strange control. so to prevent that please limit the use of this plugin to XMB only,

Just for now.


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Yup, detected 4G instead of the 8G I have. Otherwise sweet.:smile:


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Nice!! Awaiting for the updated version!! Dont wanna brick my device up... haha!! :tongue_smilie:

Illegal Machine

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Yup, detected 4G instead of the 8G I have. Otherwise sweet.:smile:

Yep... Same here.. Showed my 16 GB card as 4

other than that.. I'd like to see something that allows us to customize the hotkeys

and ditch the screenshot feature... I already have that on Red Squirrels extender plugin


Celestial Troupe
Right now i'm in search to resolve that limitation (MS > 4Gb) but to no avail.
Can someone with memorystick 8Gb ~ greater upload their screenshot, just
the diagnostics portion is enough.

That may help me on how to atleast display the info in proper form.



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I see

If Insert_witty_name from PS2Dev is correct, then i can deliver ver 1.1 soon enough.

I've prepared ver 1.1 here http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=8429
which displays extra information about the Memory Stick for test purposes only and
will be removed when officially released.

Thanks again, since I only have 4Gb Memory Stick here :sad:


Celestial Troupe
@ Nefarious:

new screenshot using the beta version

Those new MS parameters displayed is the correct one.

With this, I have confirmed that its just what Insert_witty_name said. thank you very
much silver_surfer. I'll finish it this day and make a release to correct memory stick
actual size computations.


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<p>i need help i was trying 2 up date my psp slim with a m33 4.01 update but wen it reach 92% it stopped and the light only comes on 4 a short time can it be fixed and how ??????</p>


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Hey Nefarious, nice plugin. Just registered here to also report your 1.1 version won't run on my TA-088 (v1 I believe). I should also note I'm using a 8GB lexar platinum II stick. 1.0 does work fine (minus the capacity reporting of course.)