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[RELEASE] Lockdown Pack 2


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The various Lockdown applications were getting out of hand so from this update I've consolidated them into a single Pack.

Lockdown Pack 2 Changelog

Lockdown XMB Style updated to v4.1
Fixed a critical bug where a new installation of Lockdown XMB Style would hang after entering a new password for the first time.

Lockdown unchanged at v4.0
Lockdown In-Game unchanged at v2.0

Download Lockdown Pack 2: Torch's Release Site
Tested on 5.50GEN-D3
WARNING: This is only for full custom firmware based PSPs and will not run under HEN.

Lockdown allows you to password protect your PSP from prying eyes.
You can also protect the Recovery Menu so that the protection can't be bypassed at all.


Lockdown XMB Style uses the XMB Wave as the background, and is only for the PSP Slim.
Big time thanks to Dark_Alex for his VLF library, without which Lockdown XMB Style would have been impossible. Also thanks for adding the Plugins Disable feature in 5.00M33-2


Lockdown In-Game will require you to enter a password when you resume your PSP from suspend mode. Useful to prevent other people from messing up your progress if you put the PSP in suspend during a game.