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[RELEASE] Recovery Flasher


[B]   H E L L C A T s   R e c o v e r y   F l a s h e r
   * recover semi-bricks * up-/downgrade your CFW *
   * flash *ANY* CFW directely to almost any other *
   * backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump) *
   * make and restore NAND dumps *
    >> all without Pandora <<

>>> *D*O*W*N*L*O*A*D* <<<


What is this? And why?

Short version:
  • Flashes a fresh M33 CFW (everyone from 3.71 up) for recovering semi-bricks or to up-/downgrade CFW
  • does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
  • does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts all required files from the original .PBP)
  • runns fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 - handy for upgrading older FWs w/o the "need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher" odyssey :)
  • runns fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
  • can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme, settings, PSN activation, complete firmware)
  • can make and restore full NAND dumps

Long version:
Can be found the the README! :)

Latest Update:
First off, a small "what's NOT (yet?) supported": ANY kind of flashing on "newer 2000s", PSP 3000 or the PSPgo
If support for those models will ever, in any way be added to Recovery Flasher is doubtful (mostly as there's no CFWs for those).
MAYBE (and I can't stress the *MAYBE* enough, it's more likely a "likely not") support to flash OFW on (some of) those models might be added one day for the sake of downgrading the OFW.

And with that out of my system, here's the "what's new":
  • fixed compatibility with 6.20-TN HEN
  • added check for 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN
  • added check for 6.20-TN HEN's flash0 protection being enabled
  • added check for configured game mode plugins when on 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN
  • added detection of the PSP4000 model and the PSPgo
  • added appropriate handling of all of the above, when detected, to avoid unnecessary tears casted by users
  • added support to handle 6.00, 6.10 and 6.20 FWs for restore of (filewise) flash backup and clean install from scratch
  • added decryption of extracted (hidden) updater driver modules - and so enabling downgrade from 6.35+ (only on hackable PSPs though, for now)
  • added new firmware packs to install clean 6.20 OFW using Recovery Flasher
  • bundled the existing 5.50-GEN firmware packs with the main release

>>> *D*O*W*N*L*O*A*D* <<<

[SIZE="1"][I][B]If you feel like supporting the PSP development a bit, maybe go here:[/B][/I]

Enjoy! :)


New Member
I was hoping there is one where I could get a nand dump without pandora. Great app for people with TA-088 mobo's like myself.

Edit: Good One. ^^


New Member
Thanks for creating the release! definitely help those without pandora's batt :biggrin:

Hmm Hellcat since you are here just to check with you the link to download the application. It shown that im having a d/l @ the moment which im not even i retry after 30mins. can you advise on this? Thanks!

okie.. now done


The New one
hey everybody can i downgrade a psp slim with from an official fw or i need pandora to downgrade from a official fw
but always great tool for semi bricks!


The link is fine,just checked it myself.And if you have OFW you still need Pandora.As the 1st line says:CFW..
Great app Hellcat,very well done,thanks for all your hard work!! Keep it up!

Side note:(Why can't I login on the Home page on my PS3??)


[insert custom user title here]
Yes!! This is awsum, great, ORGASMIC! Thank you soooo much, you have no ideia of how usefull this is for me.


New Member
@ richie390:

there's no need for CFW 4.01 m33-2 because you can just update from CFW 3.71 m33 to 4.01 m33-2

Why 3.71? Why not a lower or higher FW?

One purpose of this app is to downgrade the CFW of the PSP.
I define downgrading much as "go as low as you can" and 3.71 is the
lowest firmware that runns on both PSPs, Fat and Slim.

From there then, you have the freedom of upgrading to any other FW
you desire - thus no higher one for this.


When are you gonna release the one for 4.01 M33-2
there's no need for CFW 4.01 m33-2 because you can just update from CFW 3.71 m33 to 4.01 m33-2
Yap, while you can have the 4.01 update right along the recovery app, the next version will be able to install 4.01-M33-2 as well (you can choose which one you like).
It'll also come with an additional .ELF binary that can be used from a Pandora stick, so you can flash the 4.01 directly to a PSP from Pandora, as long as there's no DDCv6 :)

However, I got one last issue on the Slim I have to resolve....


New Member
<p>Welcome back. And thanks for all the brain strain and sweat on this one</p>


New Member
<p>i start the ap in the left corner it ses loading ... it goos away its back end i get the notice text end stil loading in the left corner but when i want to set the arrow on i aggree i wont the arrow dousen't moove :s i'm now waiting 1:48 ouwers end the loading doucent go awai end i stil can't move it :s now i turn my psp off end my selec butter is prest the hole time in :s so when i want to type sumthing in my internet browser i can't becous it alwasy set to big lettes low letters end numbers end i cent stop it my home butten doucent work i cant use it when im playing music (select buttern 2) end when im in a game end i pres home i just get the gray sreen but i get set it to yes to end the game so i must turn my psp off my hold butter words but when im waching a move end i turn the hold butten on it works like the home butten if i want to set my screen brichter i get the mute end my mute butter doucent work at all im on 4.01m33-2 cen you help me plz :s??</p>


New Member
i have cf 4.o1m33 my psp semi bricked when i tried to downgrade. i can get to the recovery menu.so when i tried to use this program it said i must have 2.73 version or higher to work. i dont understand htis as the last fw on mypsp was cf4.01m33. any suggestions on how to get it to work?


That's weird. Did it spit out any errors?

Sounds like you have a hardware problem with the keys of your PSP.... there nothing I can do about that.

Is it a Fat PSP with 1.50 addon?


New Member
@ Hellcat:

it did not give any error.. it just shut down after pressing a button after "press any button to shutdown.... "


I found the solution to my problem.. :blushing:

what I deed was use may normal battery not may service mode battery

then after installing CFW 3.71 m33 I remove the battery then insert it again..

viola! conflict resolved! :biggrin: