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Editorial Retro Review: Castlevania


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Although I was born in the mid-eighties, I never had the pleasure of owning a NES at the time - unlike most of my family and friends - but that never stopped me from playing when I went over and going nuts about it or even dreaming of owning one (which I never did)[...]

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Excellent review Kerza, I liked the difficulty section you added, I must remember that next time I write one.


Rated Aaargh
Nice review. I didn't have a NES either when I was little. I did have a Genesis that I really enjoyed. My best friend had a NES that I would play at his house. But I remember first playing Castlevania at an arcade.


Just some dood
I also had a Genesis later on when the Saturn came out... I played the hell of of Sonic 1,2 and Knuckles back then