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revenge of the invaders....FROM SPACE! :D


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version 0.7 of my Space Invaders clone is now ready :)

you can download from here or at the bottom of the page :)


to be honest,i've been hectic with college,work,home and gf to work at any code really which is why theres the big 3 month lapse there but i knuckled down last night and sorted out the random function and stuff. now there's no resources whatsoever :D hopefully i'll be able to work that into an option or something nice :p

changes in the readme

27th Novemeber 2007
0.7 enemy bombs done
all images are now hard coded into the game :p
finally got that dam random function of mine to work
added lives counter at the top right
need to add
-collision detection from the enemy bombs
-add the saucer (should be really easy now that i've got random working :p)
-high scores
-better error handling in case no themes or menu background are there


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Dude, VERY nice work hardcoding the images into the game. How'd you manage that?


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Dude, VERY nice work hardcoding the images into the game. How'd you manage that?

used a load of matrixes to hold values on the pixels then using a double loop i checked to see if there was a 1 or a 0 in the matrix. if there was a 1 then i put a pixel at the invaders X and Y position but added on the offset i used to iterate through the matrix....it was a nice wee technique i thought up at like 2 in the morning.lol.it's a lot more flexible since it allows me to scale up the invaders very easily and also change their colour from within the game....rather proud of it 8)

bet it's probally standard fare though for a lot of developers though :(
lol.ah well.

thanks for who moved this to the dev part but i really didn't consider it worthy to be put up beside Chilly's work. :blushing:

Where's the screenshots?

i'm no good at getting screenshots from homebrew....i remember x3 telling how to do it before but i cant remember now... :(


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here, I took a screenshot:


nice work :)