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Roblox Tracking


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Roblox touts 64 million active players every month, who log on to “create adventures, play games, roleplay, and learn with friends.” ... However, it's impossible to monitor the activity of so many players.


If this was to implemented, it would be nice not to have the Roblox time counted twice (as a game on Xbox and as a platform.)


I have been thinking of this lately. And I think the case for implementing Roblox as a platform is pretty strong. Demographically interesting fanbase, a playground for game development, especially on concept and ideas, and learning game design. I think Roblox tracking would be absolutely awesome for a lot of gamers, and the APIs are there. So basically it could boost the user base of Exophase as well, and cater for many good discussions on game design and game comparisons. Additionally, the kids will realize they can have their own game on display on a tracker service if they add badges to their games. How awesome isn't that?


There is such an API. You would have to use the Roblox ID instead of the username, but you could retreive all badges, with names, and timestamps, at least I did, for a couple of users: https://badges.roblox.com/docs#!/Badges/get_v1_users_userId_badges
Edit: Never-mind about my previous reply, I was mistaken. I’ll change my reply below to be correct:

Hello, I run the largest badge collecting group on Roblox. I can help implement this on the website if you would like. There is still the issue of exploiters which we have a system to deal with manually, that could be difficult to do at a scale this large. My group currently manually plays games to verify they are an exploiter then we manually update a blacklist of IDs. This can be very time consuming.
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