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[RULES] Welcome to M for Mature: The Must Read for Any New User.

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Welcome to the M for Mature community forums.

As with all sites there are some basic rules and regulations we ask you to follow.

[fieldset=Forum Rules]
Help us to help you
Please report any posts you see that break any of these rules. The report post button can be found on the lower left of every post, next to the reputation button.
  1. Stay on Topic - Please make sure all posts are relevant to the thread. Don't reply to off topic posts.
  2. No Porn or nudity - While we are a mature site we do not want any nudity here.
  3. No Piracy linking - We allow troubleshooting of pirated materials but there is to be NO linking to anything pirated (not just games)
  4. No Spam - Post with a purpose or not at all.
  5. No Flaming - Keep it civil please. If someone flames you then report it, don't retaliate.
  6. No Unauthorised Advertising - Please ask for permission from the Administrators if you would like to advertise on our site.
  7. No Racism - Just don't.
  8. Use Search - Before making a new thread please search to see if a similar thread already exists. There is a helpful guide to using search [here]
  9. No Referral Links - Please don't bring your referral links here, they aren't wanted.
  10. No duplicate accounts - This is explained further below
[fieldset=User Accounts]
Each of our members are allowed one account and only one.

Multiple/Duplicate accounts will not be tolerated. When discovered your original account will be banned for a period of time (this will be determined by the staff member investigating the accounts) and the duplicate account will be banned permanently.

  • If other members share a computer with you, such as siblings, advise a staff member in advance to save yourself problems in the future.
  • If you want to change your display name on the forums please contact an administrator. Don't create a new account.
[fieldset=Signatures and Avatars]
You are welcome to use a custom signature and avatar on these forums provided that it does not break any of the above rules.

The maximum sizes allowed for signatures and avatars are as follows:
  • Avatars 100 x 100 pixels and 19.5kb - Click [here] to change yours.
  • Signatures 500 x 150 pixels and 100kb* - Click [here] to change yours.
* Note: The forum software automatically resizes large pictures so this is a guideline. You signature can be larger but if it is considered too big then a staff member may ask you to change it or remove it.
[fieldset=Forum Theme/Skin]
We currently have a dark skin and a light skin to choose from.

To change the skin please scroll down to the bottom of the forums and choose from the drop down list on the left.[/fieldset]
[fieldset=PSP Section]
The PSP section of our forums has a stricter set of rules in addition to these. Please read through them [here][/fieldset]
A list of forum Moderators and Administrators can be found [here].

If you need to contact to contact any of us please click the
button next to our names.

We are here to improve your experience on the site and are not your enemies.

Staff decisions are final
If you receive a punishment from a member of staff please don't try to argue about it, you will only make the situation worse. All punishments are discussed backstage by the staff to ensure they are fair.

Thanks for reading

**These rules may be tweaked and changed at any time to keep things running smoothly.**
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