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sdlBasic PSP v07

Chilly Willy

I made an update to sdlBasic for the PSP. Now uses my latest SDL code for TV support. You can actually make good use of those 640x480 resolutions now. :smile:

Like all my other SDL-TV stuff, hold the TRIANGLE button when you start the app from the XMB to get the TV preferences.


  • sdlBasic_psp_v07.zip
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<p>Thanks for this, as soon as I can grab up some component cables for my slim I will give this a run.</p>
<p>From what I have noticed very few programs use the full screen TV out code that is possible now.</p>
<p>Is it possible some sort of "frontend" program
could be developed that automatically applies the fullscreen TV out to any homebrew that is 3.XX kernel? Instead of having to incorporate that code into the homebrew itself.
Wouldn't that be cool :)</p>
<p>Thanks for the release Chilly Willy !!!</p>

Chilly Willy

You can use FuSa with any homebrew that has NO TV support right now. Works just peachy. For better TV support, I've added TV support to PSPGL and SDL so that developers using those can have relatively simple and automatic TV support. For example, this app here - sdlBasic. Most of the sdlBasic examples use a 640x480 screen. On previous versions, that was scaled down to 480x272. With my new SDL code, if you select the TV in the prefs, it's scaled to the TV resolution picked (688x448 for a regular 4:3 TV not in widescreen mode). The TV prefs is part of SDL, so the programmer doesn't need to even add that to the app if they don't feel like it. It's already there - just hold the TRIANGLE button as you start. Just recompile with the new version of SDL and WHAM! TV support is there. :D