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SenseiHollow - steam


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hello i believe what flagged my account is the hentia games i played. they are puzzle games to unlock (pretty pictures). most of them instead of doing the puzzles you can press (H) and it will auto complete the puzzle for you and give you the achievements. so i have little playtime in the games but have 100% of the achievements. i don't believe this to be cheating because its built into the game.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
We're fully aware of those games. This is not the reason you got flagged though, we don't consider that cheating. However, our system automatically flagged you for unlocking unobtainable achievements in PC Gamer. I also see a lot of other cheating present on your profile. Many co-op achievements in Portal 2 have been unlocked with a duplicate timestamp (impossible to play the co-op without an internet connection). Two minutes after Portal 2, you've unlocked 27 achievements in Portal Stories: Mel. And Portal was also completed during the same minute as Portal 2.

Servers for Loadout haven't been online since May 24, 2018, but you've unlocked many of its achievements in 2022.

Archeblade, Realm of the Mad God Exalt, Unturned - Three online required games in which you have many duplicate timestamps. For Realm of the Mad God Exalt, as far as I'm aware you can't even unlock its achievements anymore since they've made the transition from Flash to Unity (~22 July 2020), so how did you unlock its achievements in 2022?

Also, you aren't allowed to skip the passage of time in games like Universe Sandbox Legacy, please read this rule: https://achievementhunting.com/rules#na-9.

You've unlocked 110 achievements in Surgeon Simulator, and 3 minutes later you unlock 11 achievements in Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage. 2 minutes before Surgeon Simulator, you've unlocked 50 achievements in Unturned and completed Unreal Development Kit at the same time. That's obvious SAM usage. Looking through your August 2022 history, I can safely say that most if not everything you've played during August were cheated.

I'd say you should have another deep look at your profile, re-lock everything that you've cheated on, and please be honest in your appeal.
Familiarize yourself with the Steam rules we follow here: https://achievementhunting.com/rules. If you need a tutorial for re-locking, follow the one available here: https://achievementhunting.com/guides/relock. Any questions you have, I'm here to assist you.