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Service Status Information

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Below you can find a listing of all services we track, and whether tracking is currently operational. 99% of the time there are no issues, but every now and then the services themselves have outages that affect our connectivity, so if I'm aware of any issues this thread will be updated. Eventually I plan to add a dedicated page to the site for this.

Of course if you are experiencing issues with one of the services that is listed as active below then let us know in the feedback forum. This thread is just meant to inform users of issues that are out of our control.

Active, no known issues

Active, no known issues

Achievement tracking is working without any issues, but due to changes Valve made to the API as of June 2023 we can no longer reliably detect when you last played a game. This means the 'Last Played' date may only update when earning new achievements.

Active, no known issues

Active, no known issues

Retro Achievements
RetroAchievements tracking is down due to the site's API being disabled. This means all third-party sites including Exophase cannot pull user data from the site. There is currently no ETA as to when it will be back online. It is recommended to visit the RA Discord for updates.

Google Play
Active, no known issues

Active, no known issues

Active, no known issues

Tracking no longer operational, Google shut down service as of January 2023. While profiles and achievements earned prior to the shut down date have been archived on site, it is no longer possible to link your profile.
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