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Some questions about Dual Core E8400 CPU


Hello all MFM buddies, whassup?
Okay, I have had this PC for like 2-3 years and it's all going good. But suddenly I discovered a problem that my E8400 is running @ 2.40 GHz while it's supposed to run on 3.00 GHz, so I asked and got some answers. I had to tweak something in my bios ( OC FSB to 1333 MHz, something like that ) as my mobo is too damn old that it doesn't officially support this high speed and stuff.
Everything was going cool. But I started looking in google today to check if I was mistaken and if this was too much pressure on my CPU. So I found that it's not very safe to use this high speed on my Old motherboard. I downloaded a temperature-monitoring application. Disabled that option in bios and CPU is back to 2.40 GHz, no probs at all. But I found that my CPU even on this speed doesn't go lower than 60C. I heard it's supposed to go lower than that for safety. On my 2.40 GHz it's like that. On my 3.00 GHz ( after enabling that option in bios ) it goes up to like 70C!
At 2.40 Ghz, is my system safe? And is there a way to safely go to 3.00 Ghz without :
1-Buying a new motherboard
2-Having any little risk of destroying the CPU, I'm short on cash and getting a new CPU will be such a pain in this time for me.
Thanks to everybody, and sorry for being so long in such a thread. Any help is appreciated.
Just to remind, I've had it on 3.00 GHz for like a month or two and it has been good but, after I used Core Temp 0.99.7, it seems like I was doing a big mistake to the rights of my CPU hehe.
P.S : My motherboard is Gigabyte 945PL-S3P ( Damn old I know )
P.S 2 : OMG! After I tried to run PCSX2 0.9.6 and ran a game for some minutes, while playing, I noticed that the temp of both cores goes up to like 73C. Is it because of cooling? Is there something wrong with my computer?


Staff Member
To be honest, it sounds like an issue with cooling that could be the result of an OEM case. Did you buy the computer pre-made from the likes of dell or something?
You could maybe look into getting a better cooler for the CPU. Not 100% what would be the best cooler out there.


I bought the parts from someone and asked him to put the parts together for me ( I didn't want to mess anything up ). It has been working well for the last 2-3 years actually. And no it's not pre-made, it's buy parts - put them in case - etc.
So the stock cooler is always bad? Damn. I'll try to look for a new cooler which has been reported to cool down stuff.