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Some search issues


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I noticed some things when searching for games:
- when searching using the search option at the top of the page, it doesn't return all games on all platforms. When I look for 'far cry 4' it doesn't include the steam version. If I look for 'far cry' then it doesn't display all versions on all platforms which i would expect.
- when searching in my own library across all platforms, it doesn't show all copies. I searched for 'far cry 4' and it didn't return the steam version. When selecting the steam tab and then searching for 'far cry 4' it did show my steam copy.
- when I search for something in my library it immediately filters the games. If I then click on the 'x' the search box is closed but the selection remains the same. I would assume that it returns to the complete list.
- if I search for a game in my complete library, I can click on the game title found, however if select a platform specific tab and search, the title is not clickable which I would expect
- when you click on the 'games' option in the header, you get a list of all the games available on the site. I would expect a search option (acting like a filter) like you have on your own library page.

All are minor things but would just improve quality of life on the site.

( I just 're-discovered' this site as I play more pc games recently, great improvements! :) )


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when I click 'games' and filter on all + 'p' , I get 14 pages of games. When filtering on 'Steam' + p I get 20 pages of games. What am i missing?


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Enforcer Team
I pushed a few changes, that address some of these. The A-Z filter on the game list is fixed, that was because the main list was filtering only by Xbox and PSN - it uses all platforms now.

The cancel icon in the search bar now reverts to the complete list. When searching games in your list, some were hidden due to the filters like "Hide games with no achievements" - the search now bypasses those.

Far Cry 4 doesn't appear in the main search list since it doesn't have achievements on Steam. Only games with achievements are listed in the main search. Could maybe add a toggle to show games without achievements, they still wouldn't have an individual game page though. That's also why it isn't clickable in your game list. I suppose I could add game pages for these, it's just that without achievements there isn't much information to show on them currently.

I agree that we should add a secondary search option on the games list page that acts a filter. Working on implementing that.


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Thanks for the lightnin'response :) And great you already implemented them (or are in the process of)

and thanks for the explanation about the games without achievements. I have the box ticked in my profile that says 'don't show games without achievements', perhaps that should also apply to the games in your profile too? And true about not being able to click on games without achievements; would really be much to show.